Congratulations! Competition day is almost here. 
Your skater and you have been preparing for a while and it's almost time to compete!

We have a list for you of all the things that you need to take with you ;-)



Labeled skate bag - Lots of skaters will have the same bag, make sure to write your name on it
Your skates - under all the stress it’s easy to forget the most important thing ;-)
Dry cloth / towel for the blades - Once done skating, the first thing that you need to do when you remove your skates is to wipe them and remove water and ice from the blade and the soles
Blade soakers - that’s what you need to use to store your skates after the competition, make sure not to store your blades with the skate guards
Skate guards - you’ll want to use your hard skate guards to walk around the arena so that you don’t ruin your blades
Music copies x2 - if using a CD, make sure to close your CD (when you burn it) and to have 2 copies just in case one of them doesn’t work
Warm up equipment - Keep in your skater’s bag a jump rope and a spinner, if you have a stretching band, those are good too for warm ups.


Practice outfits - if you have extra practice time with enough time to change before your event
Event costumes - try to pack and extra outfit if available, especially if you are going out of town
Competition tights
Replacement tights
Clear straps for bras - It’s always better to not wear a bra when possible or to wear a backless strapless bra or an Adhesive Nipple Covers
Team / club jacket - If your club has one, that’s what you’ll need to wear, if not you can wear a black jacket
Warm up clothes - If you have time to do a warm before your practice ice or before putting on your dress, you’ll need to wear leggings and a top or a t-shirt to do a proper warm-up
Gloves for on ice warm-up - you’ll need some pretty gloves that need to be warm, in a neutral color and it’s always fun to have something with rhinestones
Running shoes - you’ll need to have comfortable shoes with cushing
Everyday clothes - You’ll probably want to take a change of clothes with you to put on after removing the competition dress. Make sure to have a garment bag to use for your dress.

Hair & Make-up

Make-up kit - That’s always a challenging one for lots of skaters who are not used to putting make-up on.The best thing to do is to use more than 1 color. Ideally, you want to use 1 color from your dress with 2 complimentary colors. Make sure that it matches your skin tone.
Make-up remover - Always have make up wipes handy especially if you are working with darker colors
Brush / comb - you’ll need to detangle hair as needed before styling it
Hair ties - pack at least 3 to 4 elastics, you’ll only need 2, but better be safe an pack extras
Bobby pins - wheter you’re planning to make a bun or not, chances are you’ll need to have some bobby pins to keep your hair neat,
Hair spray - that’s a must. If you are planning on using a glittery one know that they don’t have the best hold,
Hairstyle elements - if making a bun, it’s always easier to use a donut to help you get a better shape;


Water bottle - it’s important to stay hydrated
Non messy snacks - avoid fruits, because you don’t want to stain the costume. Granola bar can be a good option
Hand sanitizer - always a good thing to carry
Proof of age - Copy of all documents / like a report card etc…
Tissues - have a couple packs with you
Medications - always have some Advil or Tylenol with you and remember to bring your regular prescription drugs
Tampons / Pads - If you have a girl, just pack extras even if she doesn’t have her periods yet. For some reason the first periods never happen at the best times.
Something to keep busy while waiting (book, games...) - Card games


Replacement laces (why do they always break during competition?)
Screws & screwdriver for blades - make sure to check the blades, skates etc… before you start packing. But it doesn’t hurt to have a screwdriver in the car
Band-Aids - Better have them than start looking for them when you’ll need them
Blister packs - These are a life saver for me
Safety pins - Just for safety ;-)
Needle & Thread - You never know when you’ll need them
Transparent nail polish (for tights) - this is very helpful for those over the boots tights

Parents - what to bring

Warm clothes - make sure to have a warm jacket and dress in layers. If you are spending a while there, it helps to have gloves. And another important thing to know, if the competition is in the morning, usually rinks are colder
Seat cushion, sometimes a warm blanket can do the trick
Snacks - depending on where the competition is, most rinks don’t have healthy options
Camera (flash off) - If you have a phone that you purchased recently that could work too
Wireless Charger - just in case your phone’s battery is low, you still want to be able to snap some pictures or take a video
Medical insurance info - God forbid, if you ever need it, you want it to be handy if needed
Road assistance info - if you are driving far, you might want to have AAA or a CAA program.

Make sure to Celebrate! 


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