Beige Thinees

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Size: Long


For those who want to keep the style under wraps and bring performance to the forefront, Thinees delivers to you the Beige collection. It may not have the in-your-face flare of some of the other collections but don't for a second think the comfort and performance aren't up to standard. Great for figure skaters interested in keeping the beige look of traditional tights. If you're a figure skater or synchronized skater, Thinees beige socks are the perfect sock for you.

97% Polyamide, 3% Cotton

Logo Color: Light Beige / Light Beige

Toe Color: Grey (Long, Short, Junior) / Beige (Mini)


Thinees Sizing

Thinees' polyamide-cotton blend provides a comforting stretch to conform to your feet and lower leg. Keep in mind this stretching feature when selecting your size.

Size Length Width
Long 18.5in / 47cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
Short 14.5in / 36.8cm 3.5in / 8.9cm
Junior 14.5in / 36.8cm 2.75in / 7cm
Mini 10in / 25.4cm 2.25in / 5.7cm


*The sizing images for Thinees Long and Short sizes are based on an average-sized adult male. The sizing image for Thinees Junior size is based on an average-sized adolescent male. Please refer to the sizing chart above for precise sock measurements. Sizing can slightly vary depending on color.

*Mini Thinees are recommended for kids aged 3-6.